Booklist Queen Reading Challenge 2021 - etenemiseni haasteessa


1. A Productivity Book  Lotta Backlund: Sano kyllä!

 2. Book Becoming Movie in 2021  Jenny Han: Aina ja ikuisesti, Lara Jean

3. Goodreads Winner in 2020

4. Biography Katja Ståhl: Kavioliitossa - hevoshullun kirja

5. About a Pressing Social Issue  Linda-Maria Roine: Mercedes Bentso - Totuus ja tunnustus

 6. A Book About Books

 7. Set in the 1920s

8. An Author Who Uses Initials

9. Poetry

10. A 2020 Bestseller Emma Jane Unsworth: Aikuiset

11. Recommended by a Colleague: Meri Luttinen: Myrskynsilmä

12. With a Number in the Title: Jenny Fagerlund: 24 pientä ihmettä

13. Bottom of Your To-Read List Miika Nousiainen: Pintaremontti

 14. Reread a Favorite Book  Lauren Oliver: Delirium - rakkaus on harhaa

15. Own Voices Story

16. Published in the 1800s

 17. Local Author

18. Longer Than 400 Pages Elizabeth Acevedo: Maata jalkojen alle

19. A Book Turned Into a TV Series 

 20. A Book That Makes You Think Holly Bourne: Teeskentelyä

21. A WWII Story

22. A Highly Anticipated Book

 23. Eye-Catching Cover Adeline Dieudonné: Oikeaa elämää

24. A Summer Read

25. Coming of Age Story Debbi Michiko Florence: Homma hallussa, Keiko Carter

26. Bestselling Memoir

27. Book Club Favorite

28. A Book About Friendship Beth O'Leary: Vaihtokauppa

29. An Audiobook Rebecca Serle: Viisi vuotta myöhemmin

30. Set in Australia

31. By a Nobel Prize winner

32. About an Immigrant Sirkku Salovaara: La mia Italia - Ihana, mahdoton Italiani

33. Time Travel Novel

34. An Author You Love

35. Childhood Favorite

36. Classic Read in High School

37. Borrowed from the Library: Elina Kilkku: Ihana tyttö

 38. Nonfiction New York Times Bestseller

39. From an Indie Publisher

40. Fantasy Hertta Vierula: Kuollut tyttö ja muita tarinoita Maatuvanlaaksosta

41. A Sequel Jenny Han: P.S. Rakastan sinua yhä

42. Recommended by a Librarian Sini Helminen: Hurme

43. Psychological Thriller Ruth Ware: Lumimyrsky

44. Oprah Winfrey Book Club Pick

45. A Book About Technology

46. Title with Three Words Jason Reaynolds: Minuutin mittainen ikuisuus

47. Debut Novel of Famous Author

 48. Genre You Don’t Usually Read Outi Mäkinen: Karu planeetta

49. A Book Everyone Is Talking About Lois Sachar: Paahde

50. You Own But Haven’t Read: C.J. Daugherty: Night School - Endgame

51. Borrowed from a Friend

52. A 2021 New Release Karen M.McManus: Kaksi voi säilyttää salaisuuden

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